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A love for tacos and tequila is a great start, but there are a few other requirements to join this familia.

Got the street cred?

The La Calle franchise opportunity is a part of one of the fastest growing industries.
Don’t miss your chance of bringing authentic Mexico City street flavor to your community.

Financially qualified (minimum $750,000 investment capability with a minimum of $175,000 liquid assets per location). 

Minimum commitment of three (3) locations in target Texas markets; Minimum commitment of five (5) locations in new markets outside of Texas

Minimum of three (3) years of direct management experience (GM and above) with P&L responsibility of restaurant, food service or hospitality business in the U.S. with annual sales over $1 million

Multi-Unit Commitment:  Minimum of three (3) years of multi-unit (3+) restaurant or hospitality management experience with P&L responsibility 

No interest in a competing business (Mexican food, Tex-Mex and/or Tacos & Tortas equaling more than 50% of total sales) 

Match with La Calle Mission,
Values, and Strategy

Taco-bout a wise investment!

Initial Investment:

$664,500 – $862,000

Net Sales:


Cost of goods solds:

$1,091,540 (28.5%)

Labor Costs:

$1,049,667 (27.4%)

Occupancy Costs

$213,605 (5.6%)

Other Expenses:

$670,829 (17.5%)

Net Profit:

$756,883 (19.8%)

As reported in the La Calle 2023 FDD and based upon reported figures for the period from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 for the affiliate-owned La Calle location that was opened prior to January 1, 2022 and is representative of the franchise offering.  A franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. Information made available through this or related advertisements is for general information only. Offers are made only through an effective Franchise Disclosure Document.