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The Streets Made Us

Mexico is known for its great diversity of excellent food across the country. Since the beginning, people from all over have migrated to Mexico City to become “Chilangos” themselves and add to the vast local food scene with their blend of ingredients, great flavors, and cooking techniques that come to life in thousands of “puestos” or street “taquerías”.

Born and raised in Mexico City, owners Ramon and Fernando grew up eating from the street taco stands. In a quest to create the best and most authentic Mexico City experience for guests in Houston, they brought the recipes and flavor profiles from their favorite taco stands, some were given, some were bought, and some were stolen. They are unapologetically bold and authentic with the freshest ingredients, which means just like in any taco stand, you won’t find a freezer, a microwave, or a can opener anywhere in sight. Staying true to their roots; if it isn’t found on the menu of a street taco stand there, you won’t find it here. At La Calle they are striving to deliver the experience of Mexico City to the world, one taco at a time.

Ramon Soriano

founder & ceo

Born and raised in Mexico City, street food was a way of life for Ramon Soriano, Owner and CEO of La Calle. As a third-generation restaurateur, he grew up in the kitchen cleaning, cooking, serving, and falling in love with the food service industry. With over 30 years of experience leading operations for high-volume restaurant chains, he has managed over 300 restaurants and was a part of 100 new restaurant openings in 20 cities throughout Mexico and the United States. With a passion for service and hospitality, it was always his dream to create an innovative and exciting restaurant concept. During his time at one of the high-volume restaurant brands, he realized that the most popular and profitable piece of business was simply Tacos, Tortas, and Agua Frescas; he doubled down and wrote his business plan that would eventually become a reality. Ramon opened his first La Calle Tacos & Tortas location in downtown Houston, TX on September 16, 2016, Mexico’s Independence Day, and has been generating a profit and gaining loyal fans ever since. With plans to expand the footprint into other major metros throughout Texas, the United States, and eventually the world, he and his team are on a mission to deliver the culture of Mexico City to the world.

Fernando Villegas

Owner & COO

With over 35 years of experience in the food service and hospitality industry, Fernando Villegas, Chief Operating Office of La Calle Tacos & Tortas, is no stranger to the passion and hard work it takes to build a thriving franchise. After 22 years of working his way up at Burger King in Mexico City, he eventually found himself at the top of the operation in Mexico as the General Director (CEO). During this time, he led over 400 restaurants including company-owned and franchise locations. Fernando specializes in the creation of new restaurant concepts and with his extensive experience as a strategic and successful leader, Fernando has incorporated world-class training programs, policies, procedures, and workshops for La Calle resulting in an immersive experience for guests and profitability for the company.

The La Calle Mission

To make our guests fall in love with authentic Mexico City street flavors,
through a multisensory experience.